Friends in Heaven

P1200944 P1200945

It is no secret that I have friends in heaven.

I have many friends waiting for me to join them. When will that be? I do not know. I do not think it should matter. This is one of the things that a friend in heaven reminds me of. It is St Ignatius of Loyola. He was very much present in my retreat. Each evening, I would enter the Chapel early and there we would have a short chit chat.

A short chit chat is all I need with you, St Ignatius of Loyola, my friend in heaven

I remember you and your story

I cannot forget the legacy you have left behind

And this includes the Spiritual Exercises that you learnt from the Holy Spirit

How grateful I am for all that

If it were not for the Ignatian Spirituality that I have learnt all these years

Where would I be today?

Would I be writing this article to share?

Would I find God in all things?

So, each evening before Mass begins at six, I would look at you

I would gaze upon your face and speak  to you without words


Perhaps this is the best way to communicate with you

Silence speaks volumes

And then Mass would begin . . .

The next evening

The same routine

The same fashion of sharing

And I say Thanks for the prayers offered for us all!


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