25 January 2015

This year 2015 we did not celebrate the Conversion of St Paul. However, during my retreat, for the first time, in a conscious way, I actually conversed with St Paul. Called in such a dramatic fashion, St Paul teaches us how to respond to that wonderful call for each of us. St Paul, pray for us!

From a high horse you fell, O St Paul

From on high you came tumbling down

What struck you? What hit you?

How very blessed you are! It is the Lord!

You were busy persecuting Christians

You did not think you were doing wrong

Zealously, perseveringly, you went on and on

But our God is so merciful, so compassionate

Not a day more for you to go on your way

And so in Damascus you were given a trip

You fell from your high horse

Praise God you didn’t break your bones

Praise God you were not too badly shaken

But blind you did  become

Blind you had been really all along

For you knew not the One you were persecuting

Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?

Who are you, Lord?

And I am amazed that you address our God

In a manner so apt, so right

And the Lord sent Ananias to heal you

Your sight was restored

You grew in holiness

By  leaps and bounds you grew in your relationship with our Lord

And now I come to you, St Paul

I come to learn from you

To imitate you as you imitated our Lord

St Paul, pray for us!



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