What a wonderful world!

It is 7.20 in the morning  on the last day of my retreat. As I sit at the breakfast table, after breakfast, I decided to pen some thoughts as I had woken this morning with the song by Louis Armstrong “What a wonderful world!”


What a wonderful world!

Thank God for all good things

All that  will take place today

For, dearest Father, you give only the best

The best deal

No other deals beat Yours

Walk in my ways

I will lead you home to my eternal reward

What more can I ask for, dearest Father?

You send me Your Son Jesus

Loving Saviour, Mighty God

Redeemer of our souls

So loving, so gentle, so kind

I stand in awe of You my God

No words in the vocabulary exist

You are truly awesome

Beyond our human minds so puny

Beyond our far-fetched imagination

And that is fine, Father God

I need not understand

I ask only to have deep, strong faith

To believe, to trust and to walk humbly with You, Lord and King

All You ask of me is that I obey Your commandments to love

And to do that even for my foes

And I will and I do, by Your grace alone

Oh Father God, how deep is Your love for me

I touch You in all whom I can see

I sense You in the air I breathe

Love fills this entire place (Seven Fountains Spirituality Centre)

Your peace and Your joy

I am so grateful indeed

I love it every moment everyday

And when these days are over

I count on what will remain as memories so real, so true

Memories . . . I recall them now

How You beckoned me to come

That I may hear You speak to my heart

And did You speak, did You speak, my God!

Sweet words of love that brought tender tears to fall, to fall

Tears came rolling down my cheeks

And all I could understand was this

I’m in love

In love with my God

My God who is love

He has made me to love Him

To love Him

What joy! What bliss!

What fond memories I have of this first visit in January 2000!

I could go on still as I allow my mind

To walk where You lead me

The days of retreat have always been simply great days

Days of enjoying Your wonderful companionship

Ways of taking great delight in You

Of coming to know Your awesome ways as much as I could

And I want to say, Daddy God, I love You, I love You, I love You!

And so here I am, at the  breakfast table

Food in my stomach

A cup of Chinese tea still to be enjoyed

And I am grateful

Grateful for this life You have given me

Grateful for this brand new day

Grateful too for the early hours when I come to You

In worship, in adoration, to pray, to pray, to pray!

And this shall be the main activity this day

To build a closer relationship with You, my Lord, my God!






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