I prayed for you

I prayed for you all through the hours

No, not I, but the Lord in me

A long night of intercession

A long night of thanksgiving

I could hardly believe it

The call to prayer so urgent

The call to intercede so delightful

Yes, my friends, I kept my promise true

I did not stop to lift you up

Conscious always of the Master who is teaching me

And I the servant humbly learn

A lesson like no other before

A long time of prayer

Content I was to sit before Him

Truly present in the Blessed Sacrament

Truly present to incline His ears

And so it all ended on a high note

Is this what you are called to?

Will you take this up?

A challenging one but surely I will say

Yes, Lord

Yes, Lord

Yes, yes, Lord


It is no longer I who live

Christ lives in me

All Yours now, all  Yours forever

Do with me as You please

Do with me as You please

(7.05a.m at the breakfast table)


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