After Armageddon

Armageddon: Mainly as read in the Book of Revelation is the time when God’s glorious army finally defeats the Armies of Hell. The Battle of Armageddon: when Jesus, will finally return along with his archangels and angels, and his Holy Free Peoples of the Church and defeat the Anti-Christ, the False Prophet and Satan. That is only the biblical term. Only that the word Armageddon always mean the End or an End. Thy Kingdom Come.

Armageddon, from a common human perspective means a crisis which will majorly cause most, if not all the nations to fall. The crisis is described as followed: A Nuclear War otherwise will be known as World War III, A Global Pandemic, A lack of limited resources (such as oil), the desecration of the Earth by pollution. In the event, when everyone(and their families) has to fight each other to survive as it was in the days of the past. As we live our luxurious lives everyday, we live in peace with each other as we are happily content with what we have. Imagine in a day during the crisis when we are forced to leave our homes, taking only what is important for survival, leaving all other precious things behind, mostly items that are of value. We would lose our wealth and our other things that we show to others as a form of status. But then we realize the most basic things, such as Food and Water, Clothing, Medicine (especially Antibiotics) and Weapons as a form of self-defence; all these items would be far more important than squabbling over our everyday trivial problems such as for example, deciding which shirt goes with which trousers/skirts, squabbling over wealth, where in a post-apocalyptic world people would kill each other for the simple but important amenities they would need for survival. And each day would be a challenge just to survive. And surviving a day is aleady a blessed miracle from God.

The reasons that inspired me was when I first started playing The Last of Us, an action-adventure survival horror video game developed by Naughty Dog. It seems odd that I started playing the game in Late December 2014 for the PS3 when my older brother bought the game in 2013. I wasn’t a big fan of Zombies and the Undead. It started when I was watching the cinematics of the game on social media that I became intrigued about how the story was brought about and the relationship being built between Joel and Ellie, the protagonists of the game. I started playing the game and enjoyed it. I wasn’t fighting zombies but zombie-like people who were infected with Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, the fungus pandemic which penetrates the victim’s brain, making the victim lose his/her sanity and humanity and from there the fungus starts to spread all over the body. This cordyceps fungus in real life only affects insects such as ants and have been known to destroy entire ant colonies. Naughty Dog took its inspiration from this and made this world where this fungus actually finds a way to spread to humans. In real life, who knows? Maybe not a fungus that turns the infected into mindless mushroom people or some other life-threatening illnesses that will mark the end of mankind. Every year, a new illness will appear.

Through playing the game, I felt the emotions that the characters were feeling as their relationship grew. I grew to really relate to the deuteragonist Ellie, a 14 year old girl who suffers from monophobia and survivor’s guilt. She also swears a lot like me. (I’ve been trying to cut down on swearing) She reminded me of my primary school and secondary school days when I was bullied, betrayed and left alone by the people whom I had called my friends. It was until my First Day of RCIY when I first experienced the love of Friendship and of God’s holy power. In the game conversations, Ellie had said all her loved ones had either died or left her; all except Joel, who is a father figure to her.

The game, Last of Us, was the main inspiration for this article and the best game I had ever played in all my years. Imagine in a world, in a hostile environment. The other two inspirations were After Armageddon(thus the title), a documentary which I watched on History Channel when I was 14 or so, and the Fallout Game Series which depict a world where the transistor had not been invented, thus there was no advancement in Electricity and people in the Fallout World relied on Nuclear Power for their appliances. Now as we know in real life Nuclear Power is good but in a meltdown it would kill thousands or uproot millions of people in events such as Chernobyl and Fukushima. In the Fallout World when the limitable resources such as Oil are running out, nations would go after them and result in battles which would lead to World War 3, the ultimate nuclear war crisis that we should pray will never come in real life.

In all instances, I would take the one from the Last of Us and the After Armageddon Documentary as it is more realistic. That after all these crises and the many deaths, that through Blood, Sweat and Toll would come peace when the destruction brews down. That life goes on and that this world is worth saving because of the good people who reside on the Paradise that God puts on. And that God is with us always even in troubled times.



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