Loving the Earth

What a wonderful world we live in

In spite of the bad things that seem to be everywhere

Still I have to say that this is a wonderful world

A world created by God of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen

Our God of power and might, our God of mercy and compassion

Having made it, God said that it was good

And then, did He not create Adam and Eve and all of us?

We now live to enjoy its beauty

This marvellous world that we call Earth

This Earth that we are called to be mindful of

For fear we lose more and more of its beauty

For fear we no longer can live in it

A possibility this is – given the way we have abused it

Given the fact that we don’t really care much for it

Stop! Stop! Destroy this earth no more! Cease plundering it!

Be not savages destroying with no care for future generations

And what more do I say? Stop your plunder!

Love the Earth, the Good Earth!


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