At the start of Lent

Mercy – What I ask from you daily

And I know that it has to be mine too to give

To the poor, the oppressed, the hungry

The rich and the miserable, the weak and the lonely

All kinds of people, all mankind, in fact

For to each I have to give so as to receive

What I withhold from each will be withheld from me

That is why I have to show mercy in order to receive mercy

To show kindness so as to receive kindness

To be generous so as to be given plenty as well

Tit for tat and butter for fat

Is it so, dear Lord?

No, I would have missed the point

 If I were to calculate, it would be all wrong

I could never pay you back

I do not deserve what you have blessed me with

What you do is to let it spread

The rays of the sun fall on the good, the bad, the evil

The rain drops fall on the good souls and the evil ones too

Basically, it is nothing complicated

It is simply to love you above all

And then to love others as I love myself

If I cannot love those whom I can see

How can I claim to love you, my God, whom I cannot see?

How true, dear Lord

Grant me the grace I need for these forty days

Thank you, Lord. Praise you, Lord!



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