Sing praises to the Living God!

Early at three this morning,  I was up and about! Praise God!
It is good to praise Him who loves us so!
Early in the morning, I seek His Face! Praise God!
I look forward to a great day.Praise God!
What will the Lord have in store for me?
I don’t know. Praise God!
All I am sure of is that  He will be with me always. Praise God!
I can count on HIs mercy and His love, on His providence and His care!
Praise God!
Early in the morning, I find it such a  joy to give God all the honour, glory and praise and thanksgiving! Praise God!
My praise does not add to HIs goodness. He is always Good! Praise God!
But He has given me the grace to sing His praises always!Praise God!
God my Father, how great you are!
Lord Jesus, my Saviour, you are awesome indeed!
Wonderful Holy Spirit, if it were not for your inspiration and guidance, where would I  be?
Praise to the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!
Praise to the one God who gives me life and leads me to holiness!
Praise the Lord!

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