Making the Stations each Friday in Lent

Stations of the Cross

Call it what you will

The path of the Sinless One

The Way of the Cross

Towards Calvary

To save us

To redeem us

I walked the Way

With our Lady

The Mother of Christ

And our Blessed Mother

A poor companion was I

Unable to focus due to my tiredness

Distracted by so many things

It was a bad experience I had

And the more I worried, the more it got worse

Blame it on the devil?


It made me ponder again

Should I walk the journey or should I have taken a nap?

Yet, it was for the choice of doing the necessary

And not giving in to comfort that I carried on

For fear of a temptation to take the easy way out

For fear that the evil one, the deceiver,  comes with another lie

After all, only God sees the intention of my heart

And for this I am ever so grateful

Who knows if I was not being taught how to persevere?

And who knows if that itself was not grace generously bestowed?

Praise the Lord!



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