Sister Death, St Francis called you

And you seem pretty formidable to us mere mortals

Not by your power or your might, though for you have none

Simply put, I see you simply providing a service

To the Good Lord, the Giver of Life

So when one’s days, allotted no doubt,  are over,

The summon needs to be answered

Great and significant

Unknown or of no importance

Rich or poor

No matter

Everyone has to go

This is the inevitable

Still there is no need to fear

No cause for worry

The real question is

Simply put: Are you ready?

Ready to meet your Maker

Ready to leave behind all that one is so familiar with

People, places, things

No matter

That is why it is recommended that one be detached

Detached from what is passing

And I remember being told that even people are passing


Passing, and this is true

But for us Christians

Death does not put an end to life

It simply changes it.

Praise God!


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