Twenty two years

I would not miss this chance to say how grateful I am

How can I when you have come and you have given me a new lease of life

Not that I did not know you then

But it was only in the head and not in my heart

And now, after twenty two transforming years what can I say?

Lots! Lots! Not a chance to miss, for sure

So here I am, so grateful for your love, your mercy and your providence

It was sheer grace that gave me the courage to make that first move

I dropped all behind, not that it was easy

And then I struggled on and on, counting always on your mercy

You did not look away but held my hand

Keeping me steady, letting me know that it is fine

Always it will be fine when my focus remains fixed on you

So thank you, thank you and thank you again

For sustaining me in my faith journey all these years

A journey not to take lightly, for sure

A journey I now try to enjoy with you

With you living in me and I no longer living alone

It has to be so

It has to be so

No longer I who live but Christ lives in me, in me, in me!

And so I count my blessings

I give you praise for twenty two years

Since the day I got baptised on 10 April 1993

And I now clearly acknowledge you as Saviour, Lord and Master

Leaning on you always, my Friend and Lover of my soul

Praise the Lord! Alleluia!


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