Remembering our fathers

(This was supposed to be posted 3 weeks ago.)

Men are blessed and cursed. They are kind while also wrathful. After all, no man is perfect. Even the Saints in Heaven were not sinless. All men have their vices, and it is the ugly truth of mankind.

This week, a great man, very much known by my countrymen left for greener pastures. Like every man, he might have had his own vices, but very few of them. His name was Lee Kuan Yew, the founder and builder of the glorious Republic of Singapore. A proud republic full of virtuous women and honest men. This great man built up the clean and green city state, sovereign nation of Singapore. A man whom I admire and whom I hope every of my fellow countrymen would look up to him.

This week, all Singaporeans from all around the island mourned the loss of the first Prime Minister, the person to whom we owe much for building this prosperous, safe and strong nation. Much credit goes to him for our City of Bright Lights and not a dark smelly slum. He is the reason why we have proper houses and schools with proper roofs over our heads. He is the reason why we do not thirst from water shortages. He is the reason why we do not fight each other because of racial and religious indifferences. When our founders created our National Pledge, they meant it to be said.  Mr Lee did. “One United People, regardless of Race, Language or Religion; to build a democratic society, based on Justice and Equality.” This is my favorite quotation from our National Pledge. Our founding fathers made this and meant it to for a nation consisting of Ethnic Chinese, Malays, Indians & Eurasians, that all may live equally in peace.

The pledge and the National Anthem. We sang the Anthem and recited the Pledge everyday during my primary school and secondary school days. I did not know what the two meant until I was in my upper secondary days when I studied Social Studies. We learnt in our text books about events such as the Racial Riots and the Maria Hertogh Riots, the emergence of communism in the then merged Federation of Malaysia and of course the separation of Singapore from Malaysia. I learnt that it is good we have racial equality, religious freedom and a free democratic republic.  All these good things are all thanks to our founding fathers and of course the grace of our Lord. What LKY did for Singapore was a great feat and it could probably be never done without the grace of our Lord.

What we have today is Singapore, a City of greatness, beauty and awe. The Builder of this City is our First Prime Minister LKY. Our nation is his legacy. The Americans talk about George Washington,  the French talk about Napoleon Bonaparte,  the Indians talk about Mahatma Gandhi, the Mainland Chinese talk about Mao Zedong, the Taiwanese talk about Chiang Kai-Shek,  the vietnamese talk about Ho Chi Minh; I am glad, and I am proud to tell the world about Lee Kuan Yew.

This week, we have lost our First Leader. His life on Earth is over and his role for Singapore is finally done. His Legacy lives on. His Legacy lives on through our rulers today, notably through Mr Lee’s Son, Lee Hsien Loong, our current Prime Minister. His Legacy will also live through the youth of Singapore. With the passing of our great leader comes a new age for our nation. May we follow in his footsteps to ensure a free, equal Singapore.

Mr Lee, I thank you for sacrificing all of your life on Earth to build Singapore. I am grateful and I  know that many others are too. Rest in Peace now, for you have earned it. May the perpetual light of my Lord Jesus Christ ever shine upon you.

Goodbye and Thank You, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.


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