The dying

I was there to pray for you again this morning

I  know not when you will take your last breath

It seems so uncanny, to say the least

But I could hardly believe that your appearance has changed so much

A death-like pallor, almost ghostly, so pale are you

And I cried to the Lord

Take her Home to the place You prepared for her

The holy words of sacred scripture in John 14 come to mind

Trust in God; trust in Me also, Jesus says

There are many rooms in my Father’s mansion

When I have prepared one for you, I shall call you Home

Home, yes, you shall go  to your eternal reward

Home, yes,  to paradise, where tears will be no more

Dear friend of mine, we will soon be parted but not forever

I have seen your  loveliness when you were young

But I dare say  you will be even more beautiful when you see your Saviour

Judge of the Living and the Dead

Yes, that will be that glorious moment

That beatific vision, that loving embrace for all eternity

Till then. . . hasten to meet Him, and the saints in Heaven!


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