Love infinite, love divine

If stones could speak, they would praise God, so why not me?

If flowers bloom all the time, are they not praising God?

If I have a voice, I should be singing love songs all the day long!

And I do have a voice, so let me sing to my God

Let me sing Him a song of love, a song of joy

A song that will delightful to His ears, I pray!

Besides a voice, I have a pair of legs

With which to dance, to dance, to dance

And I shall dance all night if I have to

A pair of hands to clap along

To clap with joy, with joy, with joy

For I am in love, in love, in love

Let me dance all night long with the One I love!

Has it not been said

Love makes the world go round

But this is no ordinary love, my friends

I speak of love infinite

Love unconditional

Love for sinners like you and me

Love that is unfathomable

So it is only right for us all

To return that love, however little we have

And may it please our Lord to increase it

So we may all love Him more today than yesterday

Praise the Lord!

Praise God now and always!


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