TODAY – Given to you is a magnificent gift

The only gift you have right now

The right response is to be GRATEFUL

So necessary and oh so essential

To begin with

Our eyes see beauty around

The sky, the sea, the mountains

Even the weather is special

Every day is unique too

Never the same cloud formation

Never the same flowers in bloom

Or the song birds singing all at once

Open your eyes

Look at the faces of people you love

Each one holds a story

Unfathomable life stories

Not just their own but think of their ancestors

And all the people you meet are like that

Each with a story to tell

Let us begin. . .We open our heart to love one and all

They are gifts of love for us too

So many enchanting gifts

All coming from one key gift

The gift of today

Let your sense of gratitude overflow

To bless the entire universe

Then have a really good day!


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