Amazing love

Amazing is the love of my Lord My Saviour

Here He comes Softly Gently Into my heart

My heart responds

Flowing waters resounding Softly Soothingly

I love my Lord

He comes As the sounds from afar Without warning

He stirs my spirit He fills my being

Gentle and slow Soft and pretty A turn of the music

A familiar tune now plays What is it I can’t figure out

It is a love song A love song for my Saviour

What is it Help me recall Lord What is it I am struggling to remember

So familiar Yet so far from me

Another song plays And it is another love song

Too haunting is the music As it goes on and on

Lord I know not the title But I know they were played

A long time ago Songs of old Songs for my Saviour

Soft flowing sounds Singing of your love

Your goodness Your sweetness Your gentleness

I feel like crying out loud So hard to contain these feelings

They overwhelm me They fill me

My love My Lord My God

Majestic sounds Clear sounds Definite sounds 

Sounds that blend to make A stirring melody A clear and beautiful melody

Tell me what it is Tell me who made it Such beautiful music

Only you my God Only you my King

Worthy Worthy  Worthy Of every song in my heart

In my memory I sing to you my God Flowing sounds that go on and on

Tinkling little bells in the distance

All the while I see people Swaying to and fro

A song of love Leading to a song of joy A dance of joy

Quick steps Nimble steps And all blends in harmony

And all blends in harmony Until they are no more

Endlessly going on and on O Lord

Let the music lead me on And I will sing to you Forever more Forever more


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