Love songs

O my love Beautiful are You Here is this love song I sing for You

Sweet is Your love Gentle is Your touch I adore my God He loves me so

This love song This haunting melody It is all for You

It is a familiar song A song from of old

What do the words say They speak of what lies within

Within my heart Sweet sounds of joy Little musical notes All blending to make

A song of joy The music goes on The music goes on It is slowing down

Wait for me Lord Here I am To do Your will I seek You I seek You I seek You

Lord God here You are Waltzing with me

One step One dance One heart One joy

How beautiful it all is My Saviour and me We dance through life

A song of joy Step by step You guide me O Lord my God

All that I am All that I have I give to You

The music lifts The steps quicken We continue Our dance of joy Our dance of love

A perfect duet A perfect dance For all eternity Yes here He comes

Ever so gently Ever so swiftly Lifting me off my feet Love is so sweet So gentle

The music goes on The music goes on My Lord and me My joy My God My all

Softly play on Play on For my Lord and me As we go dancing 

Dancing along Lightly now Gently now Let Me guide you somehow

Be not afraid I am here Always near Always dear

Never fear Never fear Never fear

The one I love The one I love

We dance on We dance on A song of joy A dance of cheer

Swiftly now Quickly now Let it go on This eternal dance

This eternal dance Quickening my heart Amazing grace

The tune so familiar A sweet tune To stir my heart

Tears of gratitude I need to shed My Lord and me

My Lord and me And the music slows down To another piece Lilting

Lilting It is a familiar old song Danny boy is it

What an odd combination Still it is music So free So free

Let me my music hear Soothing me Freeing me

All cares All cares Gone with every note

Played loudly Played softly Played sweetly

Now we are on the floor again Another dance in His arms

Another swirl round the floor Sweet Lord What a fine dancer you are

You lift me high You make me happy I can’t believe it

This time of embrace In Your arms In Your arms

This dance will soon end And I will wake up Once again Once again

But no the music continues Let us waltz to the tune

Let us hum to the tune Familiar sounds To stir my imagination

As my limbs go limp For tired I am Lord Tired am I

I want to go on Help me Strengthen me

Sweet sweet music Sweet sweet sounds






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