Life is a joy

Life is a joy Like the strings on a violin

Pull gently pull gently

Beautiful can the sounds be

Like a woman in love A woman in the ecstasy love brings

Such warmth Such closeness

Like the waves in the sea Like torrents wild and free

Love cannot be restrained

Like the eagle that soars So high so high

Love can only be free Like a kite

Let go the string Let go the string

Like the waters in the  running streams

Like music like music

Like the rays of the sun Enveloping you Warming you Encircling you

Come then Come and rest In the shade In the shade

Love is a melody so sweet Sing it Whistle it

Dance Jump for joy Express it Be free about it

You experience its joy And you want to share it

The love of my Saviour My Lord my King

Such music in my heart It goes on No holding back

No restraint No control And yet it is not out of control;

All is good all is good Like soft raindrops falling

Like the petals of roses Strewn on the grasslands

Like the lilies blowing in the wind

So many wonderful images All so beautiful All so free so cool

Ooh…I love your voice So warm so warm

I love your smile So sweet so sweet

 I feel like I am drunk Lost and yet found



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