Amazing Grace

Amazing grace Yes it is true Amazing is your love

That you can thrill me Fill me Amuse me Lead me

How can I repay Such goodness

The music The song The feelings The entire episode

Day by day Year by year

Swiftly Gently Flowing flowing flowing

It amazes me no end Such joy Such confidence

That you have given me Such love Such peace Such hope

My Saviour My love Jesus God Master King love Joy Hope Peace

Adorable Loveable are you Holy Holy Holy are you

You are one You are good You are true

And I love you so My Lord My deliverer

This is your song A song for you my God A song for you my joy

As you fill my senses I believe I believe in you

You will lead me You will never leave me

How I love my Saviour How I adore him

Who loves me Who leads me

The music now moves me

Softly now Softly now

Be still my love My love My joy My God

My King this is your song A song of love A song of joy

Come and celebrate The love of God

Celebrate Celebrate We must celebrate

The honour The glory The hope The truth

The love that endures The joy that grows From hour to hour

Come Come And be with all who love All who delight in him

Who alone loves Who alone desires What is good for you and for me

Alleluia Alleluia Praise the Lord

The bells are tinkling So clear the sounds So soothing too

As the music continues Alleluia Alleluia

Cannot stop Cannot stop Cannot stop the flow

The love The joy The goodness

Lightly now Gently now And again the streams

The joy The peace Alleluia

It is the season The time To be merry To be merry

For God really Really loves me

And this is the last of a whole lot of words written during a workshop years ago. They were written with music that called for a response. To me they seem to belong to one category and the repetitions in each makes it evidently so.  Thanks be to God!





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