One in the Lord

Unity in the Lord.  Christians joined together as one,  respecting each others’ differences.   There was this gathering of Christians recently at St Andrew’s Cathedral for a time of prayer and fellowship with chants from Taize.  It was an uplifting experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Father, that we may be one!

A universal church where people are not strangers  but are really brothers and sisters in Christ.  Would it not be wonderful to be able to address each one by their names?  To be able to greet one another. To offer warm and sincere smiles. To say ‘hullo’ to the one who has not become a friend. To be on the lookout for those who may be in need of some assistance. Yes, there will be this personal touch to keep each one united in one spirit. A real family of God, one in love and service!

Who wants a private enterprise – ‘Me and my parish’? Let there be no division. No jealousy. No comparisons with negative remarks. Let the doors of each individual  group, no matter how big in number, be open to welcome anyone called to come and worship the Lord. How good it would be if every individual group could see itself as really belonging to the universal Church.   

Men and women of God for others! How marvellous if we could truly love one another! Are we not called to be one in Christ as Christ and the Father are one?


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