A brave young man


Indeed courage is what it takes

To speak aloud from the heart

To let one’s thoughts flow

And to this end, I would like to dedicate these few lines to one in our community of writers, Constantine our young National Serviceman

Thank you for writing in spite of your lack of time

A new phase of life you now enjoy

National Service with all of its challenges

Thank you for sharing so deeply

Your personal experiences, innermost feelings

These are voluntary choices, are they not?

 I have borrowed your words to return them to you  

Every day, I look out the fence of the Camp

Look towards the Sea to gaze upon the beaches opposite

The beaches of Tekong, Singapore

The land of Singapore is mine to defend

Against anyone who would

our freedom attempt to steal

Yes, this is my home, my dearest Singapore

A small island, undoubtedly, but it always provides

Things essential, things of luxury

Yes, this land has given me everything

Few though my years of living are

Thanks be to God

Now is the time to return something

To share and to serve

And as I do so, let my heart open even more

To not just receive but even more to give

For has not it been said,

there is more happiness in giving than in receiving?





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