Wake up!

Wake up! But it is not time. It is still early.

You will not hear me say such words, no, not at all

Time was when I was a young adolescent

and it was easy to sleep for hours on end

I was growing up, and I needed to rest more, or so I thought

Wake up! I learnt that it is important to be disciplined

And if I have grown by leaps and bounds,

I have to attribute it to good spiritual direction

I have to thank the one who taught me the heroic moment

What is this all about?

To wake up and make no excuses

I always decide the night before and seek God’s grace

And praise God, He never fails the one

who sincerely desires to do His will

Thanks be to God for our Lady of Fatima,

for the saints

and for all you who pray for me!

Wake up! Yes, I will!


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