Ascension of The Lord: God’s Great Works

Many times, I would ask myself “Do I have to do great things in life?” as people around me keep trying to prove themselves to see who is greater. I am affected as I struggle everyday to keep up and try my best to do small things that accumulate into great things. Recently looking back, I realised that part of me make things worse and I cannot seem to make them better,perhaps it’s beyond my control. Therefore, I have to just place greater trust in Jesus and pray that he will guide me through this dark lonely road of life’s failures, uncertainties and doubts. I hope that God will show me his plan and works for me in time to come.

During this short break, I have made more alone time with myself such as cancelling appointments and just trying to clear my mind. Today’s gospel reading speaks about Jesus who needed to return to heaven after 40 days since his resurrection. However, he does not leave us in the lurch but gives us his assurance and the Holy Spirit to guide us along. The Holy Spirit is Jesus’ presence that he stays in our hearts to move us in doing his great works. The Holy Spirit worked through Jesus’ disciples where it was evident,

” So then the Lord Jesus, after he spoke to them, was taken up into heaven and took his seat at the right hand of God. But then they went forth and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them and confirmed the word through accompanying signs”(Mark 16:15-20).

God’s great works is also present through evangelisation which harnesses a person’s talents and spirituality (faith) to touch the lives of people. These acts are forms of comforting someone who is ill, performing a kind act, listening to someone or just being there for the person. God does not ask us to preach but through our own sharings and advice, we can make a person be open to the word of God slowly but surely. I realised that humanity is flawed and so people would be quick to judge or condemn first without being compassionate to accept others.

An example of trying to build our spirituality and help others would be cooking. Cooking shows always intrigued many people as the chef always know what needs to be mixed into the final product to achieve a good tasting meal. We are like the chef who needs to pick the right ingredients which are prepared by God; he gives us the guidance and tools which means that it is up to us to make the choices. Sometimes, if we are first time cooks, the meal might not be as tasty but at least we tried, and so the meal might be still edible. If we fail the first time in reaching others, we can keep trying to find the correct ingredients and situation necessary to get through to them.

Through evangelisation and time alone, we are able to discern the path ahead and to seek God’s love when we fail. I carry my cross which includes all the guilt, pressures and failures to Jesus knowing that he will provide me with the comfort and the true peace that I seek . Even when Jesus needed to leave his disciples, he still gave them the Holy Spirit, a display of his unconditional love to them. I need to look towards the Holy Spirit for guidance as Jesus gave his all and his best to his beloved disciples before ascending into heaven.

Another story that I have been re-reading would be this true account of a terminally ill seminarian, Don Salvatore who still got ordained by Pope Francis; that was shared with me and I really appreciate it. It is such a coincidence that Salvatore is my confirmation name as well.

This particular passage in the article really touched me so I would like to share:

“At the end of the rite of Ordination, the bells of the Most Holy Crucifix rang in celebration, amid the commotion of those present.

After expressing words of gratitude to the Bishop, the priests, the companions of the Seminary, family members, “friends that became brothers” the doctors and nurses and the sick, which he met during his Calvary, Don Salvatore said: “I cannot abandon you now, for the most beautiful, “ because “Christ now says to me to go and bring comfort, a caress to all.”

“I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor Angels, nor Principalities neither the present, nor the future, nor the height or the depth will be able to separate me from the love of God,” he added.” 

Everyone’s Calvary is different but Jesus never does abandon us and everyone is worthy of Christ’s love no matter our past or present situation. We must continue to cling to the cross and walk with Jesus through our Calvary.

I need to stop comparing with people as all works , big or small, are accepted by Jesus and  he truly loves me even when nobody else does. I pray that through the Holy Spirit I can continue trying to make a difference in society. May he heal me in time to come.

Do continue to keep everyone in prayers. God Bless!

Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong


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