Ninja Company BMT Song

Ninja Coy, Platoon 3; Our stories of BMT

-Song Start-

On the 16th of April, go BMTC be Soldier, waving goodbye to my Ma. Now it’s time for me to serve.             IC changed from pink to green. No. 4 replaced my jeans. No Zani to keep things clean, ownself must do everything ya.

Aiyo aiyo, ai aiyo ah. Aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo.

One guy late, whole lot kenna shout, anything also kenna shout. In a file if you move around, kenna shout even unpleasant words. Chiong Sua till I want to keng, sunburn till I chao da skin. Half-full bottle drink and drink, drink till whole day go latrine ya.

Aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo ah. Aiyo, ai yo, ai aiyo.

In outfield, crawl leopard crawl. From the stones, we trip and fall. Pick myself up and chiong somemore, IFC just shag my balls. Every Night OTOT, still couldn’t lights out all on time. Stay back in Camp late bookout. Weekend kenna burnt like free ya.

Aiyo aiyo, ai aiyo ah. Aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo.

During Field Camp build basha, Build too slow tio semula. Sergeants became Godzilla, kenna tekan in the mud. Dig and dig with ET Blade, dig a lobang called shellscrape. Dig till my arms nearly break, dig till my buddy hyperventilate ya.

Aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo ah. Aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo.

Sergeant gave me an envelope. Inside it, there was a note. Mama said ‘ah boy stay strong’, Daddy said ‘ah boy fight on’. In the middle of the night, feeling homesick, want to cry. How I wish my boots were dry, guarding my ‘wife’ with my life ya.

Aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo ah. Aiyo, aiyo, ai aiyo.

In the blink of an eye, so many weeks have gone by. Marching with friends by my side, couldn’t bear to say goodbyee. Oh, oh….. Ohhh, Ohhhhh, Ohhh, Ohhh, ohhhh!!!! Eh ya oh ah, Infantry Ah. We are the men from Ni-In-Ja……

-Song Cut-

Because we are: DUTY, HONOUR, COUNTRY!! NINJA!!!!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Ninja Company BMT Song

  1. Ah, one more from you! Thanks. I trust that you will be keeping us in the loop throughout your N.S. days. Hope to see you on 1 June!

    1. Will do, time is tight though. Will try to make the most of the week and the sabbath day. Praise the Lord!

  2. I do miss you in church. How many more days before all is done? Don’t you miss all of us too? Meeting on 19 June. . . can make it?

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