The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd and I

On our way we went

Traipsing the green green fields

All excited was I

Could this be true

The Good Shepherd and I

Together and as one

Went we ministering together

He showed me how the filth to clean 

The burden to take away

Someone’s pain to sweeten

The heavily laden given some help

It was not easy, satisfying though it was

Joy was in my heart

My happy feet tap-tap-tap along

And my hands went clap-clap-clap

More, more, more of such

Discipleship, or call it service if you will

And if you don’t do it, you are no friend of the Good Shepherd

Did not St Paul say not to give food to the ones not working?

Oh, perhaps . . . perhaps there is a time for everything

But for the Good News to be proclaimed

There is no season

With every moment  a good one

Yes, in season or out of season

The Good News must to the ends of the earth be heard

Praise the Lord!


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