The Cocoon

I remember

Yes I do

I remember

Being  in a cocoon

Being bound

Being tied up

Being imprisoned

The feeling was terrible

It was awful

Everything was dark


Choked – that was how I felt


What shall I do? How can I break free?

Then it came

Almost suddenly

Almost at once

That was also the moment

The moment when I said

Lord, You take over. You are in charge. I only want to do Your will. . .

And everything became free




Know what it is like to be free

No more inhibitions

No more feelings of being stifled

I am so  grateful for that moment

A good moment it was

Gloriously so

Immaculately so, if I may use such a word

Thank you for that moment, Lord

It was a moment of release

No more being pent up or imprisoned

What happened? It was not a big issue. It was a simple matter.

The problem was myself and my desire to be in control

The minute I let go and let God take charge

Everything went well. Praise God!

I’m happy to say that this matter concerned my own idea of how things should be in church

If I go for mass in the morning I expect everyone to be silent

I’m there to pray. Are you not?

I’m there to adore and worship God. What about you?

So if you want to talk, please do so outside. There is a time and a place for all things. Please have some consideration

And so this went on, and it went on for many months

Finally I changed to another pew

And it was fine for a while

Then other distractions took place

Now there was not the talker but the well wisher

The lady comes in ten minutes before mass begins

GOOD MORNING! The announcement is loud and clear

Oh, I’m trying to pray

I’m trying to stay focussed

And then I  tell myself I’d have to inform her

But no, there’s no need to. I decided to pray.

Of course, I never returned her greeting

She was greeting another, not me.

And then, one day, the greeting could not be heard anymore

It had become a whisper

It had become a nod and a smile

And I say Thank you, Lord

It pays to be patient

It pays to hand this matter over to you

It pays not to get upset

You have made it so clear, so clear

There is no need to get uptight. Pray. I can make things right for you. Pray. I’m the One who can turn things round for all.

And so you finally realise that God is in charge

Why stay troubled? Why stay and fret over it?

Not all are in the same level of spirituality

Not all are ready for total silence

You are not perfect

You are also struggling

But now you know that it pays to be silent

Not to make a fuss

Not to complain or grumble

Ah, that is so true, dear Lord, so true, so true

And so I learnt a good lesson

Instead of being caged

Instead of being imprisoned

I can always do something positive

Be praised

Be praised

It’s good to look at a situation from

More than one angle

That way you also become more understanding and less demanding

Thank you, Lord

To find faults

To demand perfection

To seek the ideal

That is not always available

I learnt a good lesson

I learnt that it pays to be patient

More than that, I learnt to pray and to surrender

When I no longer try to be in control

That was when I got my freedom

Freedom from pride

Freedom  from a sense of wanting what I need

Freedom from being a prisoner to my own thoughts

Thank you, Lord! Be praised! Be praised!

You are good and merciful, the One I need to lean on, to turn to, to depend on, to seek help from


Yes, You make all things well

The truth will set me free

I am free from the need to take control of all things

I realise my stupidity, my foolishness

Thank you, Lord. Be praised!

Thank you, Lord. Be praised!

 Thank you, Lord. Be praised!

Thank you and  praise you!

Thank you and praise you!

I’m no longer in the cocoon

I’ve been set free

My wings are stretched out and I can fly, fly, fly!

I’m beautiful like the butterfly!

I’m free, free, free!

End of poem based on the prompt The Cocoon.


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