What Do I Really Want?

*The following was written at the Writing Workshop held this morning*

Now that I have found You,

and now that I have found peace,

what do I really want from life?

From You?

The last two years have flashed past in a second,

and perhaps I was just too busy watching it pass by. 

Am I caught up with filling up my life with mere activities?

Have I just kept myself occupied, but not fulfilled?

Oh God! Oh my Lord, now that I have found You, I realize that it is only the beginning.

 I could not even start to comprehend the width and depth of Your Love. 

Your Love, which is unconditional, and yet so paradoxical.

Your Love, which allows suffering on one hand,

so that we can better appreciate the comfort and grace that come later.

Your Love, which disciplines and seems harsh at times,  is nonetheless always there,

if only I can open my eyes to see. 

Your Love, which judges and hates sins,

yet showers Your grace and mercy on the sinners,

lifting me up and accepting me for who I am.

Love is not a feeling, and it is not sentimental.

You have taught me 

Love is a daily discipline, a daily decision, and a daily devotion.

What do I really want? Riches or Love? Indulgences or material comforts?

It is easy to say that I want to seek Your Kingdom, to store treasures above,

for it is through Your Grace, Your Mercy, and Your Love,

that I can be granted what YOU really want for me.