Praying for others

I love opportunities to pray for others And I do it all the time as I go on my way

Housewives burdened with heavy loads School children on their way to schools

Looking dazed Half awake Still in Dream Land

Migrant workers and construction labourers Working in tough conditions far from safe

These are some that  I never ignore And I never walk on without for them a prayer

I love opportunities to pray for the dying And this prayer I never miss each day

Could this be a special calling. . . I know not

Could it be that I understand perfectly my own mortality

Sure, one cannot live on earth forever

Who wants to? Not me Who desires to? Certainly not yours truly

I appreciate opportunities to pray for those who do not themselves care to pray 

Be not surprised to know this And this calls for more opportunities to pray for them

Millions do  not know God Millions do not care for their own salvation

They have not learnt to trust perhaps And certainly they seem to be lost

The distractions of this world are many, far too many

Forget not that we are only sojourners on the way

If we have not a relationship with God

If we care not for the welfare of our own soul

Then surely our thoughts are far away 

Too risky don’t you know, and so  I  say

Turn my friends your minds to Him who first loved you

Turn to Him who paid the ransom for your life

Be not too busy living life to think to pray. 

Despise not this call nor this friendly sharing

Be not proud and remain too independent to respond this time

Our hearts are made for the love of God

And so do respond to his love

Knowing that you are going to be richly blessed!




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