God of surprises

A weekend retreat

A bonus from the good Lord

It was full, full, full

But I managed to get a place

No, not I but the One who provides

So it was with deep gratitude that I went over

The Church of the  Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The hours flew by

Delightful was the company

Always it is to be expected

The meeting of long lost friends

The conversations that uplift and edify

And there were many foreign Catholics present too

Delightful indeed this time of mercy and grace

Surely this was a real treat, a treat so special

Right from the start we were told

Lord’s goodness and mercy will fill you

Be prepared to receive from the loving Hand of God

Surprises galore, surprises that  would make one truly amazed

Graces so amazing that one would be overwhelmed

And it was so, as Fr. Augustine, Glen and Teresa promised

Healing of memories and hurts and difficulties

For those in despair and about to give up hope

And none went away disappointed

Many were the surprises that came

Many were those healed of their pain, their disappointments

As for me I was filled with joy, boundless joy

With lots of tears that consoled, tears that healed

Yes, I shed tears that spoke loudly of God’s goodness

And this was the same for my friend sitting next to me

We had much to share at dinner time

Much to thank God for, much to be grateful for

Praise the Lord!

My expectations not at all reduced

 A recipient I have been of God’s mercy

His love filled me to overflowing

His joy I experienced to be my strength

Yes, all these years, all these years

And one will continue to be filled

If with empty hands one comes

One will surely be filled to overflowing

Who can ever outdo His generosity?

For has God not given us Jesus, His  only begotten Son

Does God not continue to pour His Spirit of love into our lives?

Praise God! Thank God!



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