We share our stories

This blog started as a result of our desire to give our sacred stories a platform for sharing with those who care enough  to read.  Since then, some changes have been made.

In the beginning  it was decided that only those who undergo a writing session would be given a chance to share their stories in  this blog, so to speak.

But it turned out that those who had not attended any writing workshops were just as keen. So, we now have a mixed group.

It is fine since we have some guidelines and we have had several writing sessions of our own through the years.

The latest one was the most exciting as we have plans to meet as  a core group to plan an anthology.

This is something to look forward to, is it not? And what did the SD of our community say to us the last time?

“It’s great that this group is pro-active. Well done!”

And her prophetic note is coming true:

“On the other hand, if one of you really wants feedback about his/her writing because it is going to be published, then I suggest that this be made known to the others for their comments and perhaps suggestion as to how the story or article could proceed. Again, do it gently. Suggestions, comments and general feedback are best left to the person asking for them to pursue.

So no pressure should be applied on anyone. ”

Any more to add? Praise God!


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