I am a Catholic

Shh. I am a Catholic.
Don’t tell anyone that I am a Catholic. Catholics are like members of a secret society, or like undercover agents.
The sign of the cross is our secret gesture – it is by the sign that we identify ourselves as part of the family.

Shh. I am a Catholic.
I joined the family two years ago, and almost immediately I got inducted into the world of group chats.
The all too familiar message notification sound will beep at all times of the day.
There will be photo messages sent at 5am just to greet you “Good Morning”, and when you are most busy during the workday and even when you switch the phone to silent or vibration mode, you will come back to your phone with 100+ messages within one minute.
There will be well meaning touts to spread Jesus’s love or to Praise the Lord, to the point that it is as if the 8th cardinal sin is when you do not follow suit and propagate the “good news”!!
It is in the group chats that I’ve learnt new acronyms such as GBU, PTL, and JLU.

Shh. I am a Catholic.
Though I am not supposed to let the outside world know that I am a Catholic, I must however be expected to take part in ministry! And there are every conceivable ministries to join. From couples in distress to catering to the divorced, separated and widowed.
And then there are retreats. They are the cousins of group chats – because they all have similar sounding acronyms such as CER, PER, PPR and IHR.
They are our secret code words. “Hey, I am from CER #41, how about you?” “Oh! My brother in law’s mother-in-law’s cousin’s student is also in CER 41, are you Gentleness too?”

Shh. I am a Catholic. But I am proud of it.

Yes. I am a Catholic.
Because I am a Catholic, I can experience the real presence of God in the Eucharist. I can adore Him and worship Him. I can even receive Him in Holy Communion. While my other Christian brothers can go for retreats under the guidance of human spiritual directors, we can go for retreats where we have Jesus Himself revealing to us directly.

Yes. I am a Catholic
Because I am a Catholic, I can be assured of the unbroken lineage from the first Apostles. And I know that traditions and respect for authority are part of our identity.

Yes. I am a Catholic.
Because I am a Catholic, I will be persecuted for standing up to defend moral values such as the respect for the natural family unit. I understood that I cannot change my Facebook profile photo to rainbow shades because I will be taking sides, and it is the wrong side. For the Rainbow was never meant to signify Pride, nor is it to support compassion and peace. We are called to love the sinners, but never condone the sins.

Yes. I am a Catholic, and I am Really Proud of it.
The retreats have brought me closer to God. The ministries give me an opportunity to serve God. And the group chats help me forge brotherhood.
But what really makes me proud, is when the video was played to show the history of Catholics in Singapore. The hardships that the early priests and religious faced were unimaginable in today’s terms. It is really through them, and in them, that we saw God’s love. The amazing sacrifices can only come from God.
And as the emcee of the Joy SG50 celebration mass said – it makes us damn proud to be Catholic.
(Watch the video here: http://history.catholic.org.sg/)

Yes, I am a Catholic, and I am loving every minute of it. Amen!



2 thoughts on “I am a Catholic

  1. Oh, how proud I am of my identity as a Catholic too! Thank you for making your identity known. The sign of the Cross is a powerful sign indeed, so powerful that even the devils fled when St John Vianney made one. Praise God1

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