The Word of God

It is Bible Sunday. Have you found the Lord?

You find Him when you listen intently to the Gospel 

Joyfully  hear Him speak to your heart

Sounds easy . . .  is it so?

I was at the Bible Symposium yesterday with about 500 people

I left impressed

I left uplifted

From the start the Presence of the Word made Flesh was evidently there

Not because more than two or three were gathered in His Name

Not because I was weeping with such blessed assurance

Not because I now say so

Yes, the Word of God was proclaimed

The Word of God was praised

We sang

We danced

We clapped

We fellowshipped

It was such a  beautiful time

From nine to five

Not a gruelling time for sure

Not a difficult time of trying to focus

No, no, no. . . time flew by!

I was lifted so high, so high, so high!

To top it all, I heard again and again the same message from Isaiah

The good Lord has carved my name in the palm of His hands

He will never forget me

Praise Him!


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