Poetry helps one to pray

A great event is coming up soon in the months ahead, and it will be of interest to our community of writers and of course, to anyone who enjoys poetry, praying, writing, reading, reciting poems. . . .

It is going to be an event to look forward to, and for myself, I just thank the good Lord for such a sharing of gifts. Truly, it takes humility to know that we are nothing and can do nothing apart from the Lord. He is the one who makes us sufficient enough to serve and we need to do that with humility, with the awareness that is so mindful that dust we are, and dust we will remain if not for the mercy of God. . .

And so our award winning poet says that it is not a day where one learns to write poetry. Rather it is a sharing that shows the process of writing poetry and that process is very much like praying.

Hmm. . . a really interesting idea. One needs to ponder. . . .

And when one reflects

Takes time to pray

 Be silent for periods of time

One then also starts to write

 Freely will the thoughts come

Making it all seem so effortless

And that will be so when one has spent time

Building a really sound relationship with the One who first loved us 

“Our prayer will seldom get “dry”, and those who have an interest in writing poetry will be inspired further when they have a greater/deeper understanding of how their writing may be seen as a way to pray.” (Anne Lee)


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