Bread of life, Cup of salvation


Bread of life

Come down from Heaven

You alone satisfy

You fulfil all my desires

Every yearning in my heart

Every cry of my spirit

For life, for fullness in You

For joy, for peace

You alone satisfy

And Lord, You promise

He who eats Your Body

He who drinks Your Blood

Will never hunger

Will never thirst

And I believe

Truly You fulfil

Every need I have





Food for my soul

Food for my journey

Strength to carry on

To endure every hardship

To battle every trial

To bring healing

To liberate the captive

To give solace

To comfort the weary

All these You do, dear Lord

As I partake daily

Of Your Body and Your Blood.

A whole life time is not enough

To thank You, Lord Jesus

For every Eucharist

To think that I draw life

Life from You

To realize

I live only because

You, Lord, live in me.

Sacred Host


Eternal love


Purity divine

Bread come down from heaven

Life for the world to come

To be one with You

For I am

And I must be

What I eat.


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