Love sick

Lonely hearts In times of sickness In times of pain

When loved ones seem To be totally absent

When nights grow longer by the hour With lack of sleep and rest

Then hearts grow heavier still And nothing seems to work

Then we lose trust in ourselves And others no longer seem to care

O, loneliness can then rise up Threatening to overwhelm us

Life can then lose its meaning How much like death it is!

Tonight My heart is lonely As I yearn for my God

This source of creative energy

Welling up From deep within

Pushing me To new heights

Challenging me To resist

What I know Deep down

Is more than Loneliness

It is creative energy

I feel no longer able To fit in this society

Yes, I have a fire Burning within

A fire Fuelled by a yearning

To seek beyond What this world can give

Deeper union With God alone

This surge This energy

Pushing me Towards what is absolute

Yet, poor soul that I am In this restlessness

Never will I be able To experience now

What only death can bring

Knowledge of the divine Yet to be revealed

Let me then In similar lonely hearts

Share the solace And perhaps the comfort I need.





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