Speak Lord your servant is listening

Speak Lord your servant is listening.  You are an amazing God ; sometimes you are silent, sometimes you are full of surprises but I know Lord you guard and guide every step of our lives. You make sure that our human scars become your divine stars. You give us tests so that we can give you our testimony.

Recently, I had an accident. I was running  as usual but tripped and fell heavily in the trails in MACRITCHIE. I was sent to the hospital . It was a special day for me because before that I was heavily focussed on training for my sun down marathon, running and going to the gym. I was at the peak of my physical health for my age group. I was beginning to feel a great sense of invincibility and pride, so the fall was a gentle reminder of our mortality and that God is still in control of all things. He was mindful of my increasing pride and arrogance and allowed this test so that I would be able to give a testimony of this outcome.

Therefore I was strangely thankful on hindsight about the entire incident or rather accident. I was out of action for a good ten days and I got to reflect deeply especially on the first three days when I humbled myself to inconvenience others, unable to do some simple things, to be nursed back to health and to be reminded that pride goes before a fall.

I sincerely believe that God continues to guard every of my steps and in all things before me, around me and besides me. I had escaped the incident with some painful bruises and miraculously no internal injuries or broken bones.   Psalm 119 reminds me that God directs my footsteps according to His Word. This aptly tells me that even as I fell down that fateful morning , God was there to allow that to happen, to allow me to pick myself up and to show me that I should not be afraid to falter, to fall  and to fail as long as I did not fall from His Grace. I  thank Him for my fall because I had to fall and die to my sins and myself.



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  1. Talk about being fast. You are first out of the eight of us! I enjoy reading the two you have submitted. Each experience differs. Hearing the article being read and reading it for myself. Praise God!

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