Finding God in All Things


Rushing-  that is one word to describe my life and as I type these blog posts I have to study for examinations on such a long national holiday weekend. However, I am still thankful and grateful that I have the time to write and to reflect on the graces provided by Jesus. I pray that in the coming weeks, I will  be sustained by His strength, especially when I am weak or feel like giving up.

When I was told of the writing project that was happening in church, I was excited and through the first meeting, perhaps in a way, this was God telling me that since I do not belong to any ministry in church, this could be the start of actually working with the church. During the writing sessions, I felt blank as I did not know what to write so I tried poetry instead which is something I was afraid to try as I am not confident in writing poems. By the grace of God, I was amazed with my work.

Speak Lord, your Servant is Listening 

Lord, you speak to me in prayer

Like the soft gentle breeze, you are there to comfort me

I am your servant, use me!

Use me as your instrument to speak your word and evangelize

To others so that they may know you

Your words mean so much to people

People crowd around you,

Anxiously waiting to hear your voice

I am here Lord, send me!

Wherever I may go, lead me!

Always trusting in your words

For I know that it will lead people back to you.

We are Publishing

From nothing to something,

Writers we all are, talent-filled we all are

Publishing stories to give and share

Some our own, others by people that we know, or have yet to know

Beautiful experiences like the sunrise and sunset of each day

Are we willing to share without fear of judgement and hesitation?

Open our hearts Jesus

For we are thankful when we say your name

Your name gives hope to all creation, flourishing like a mustard seed

And it gives people ways to express themselves,

Such as though poems, songs, dance or art

Guide us through this journey of discovery and growth,

For speaking to your people,

That we share the common identity,

the identity to be a Catholic!

I hope that the writing project is the start of something special and will bring the community together in expressing their thoughts and hopes for the world. God Bless! as we continue to pray and discern about the project.

A pulse, a heartbeat… Thank you Jesus for this meeting and shelter amidst the rain, here is to more fruitful meetings to come. God Bless! #manywriters June 2016

Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong





One thought on “Finding God in All Things

  1. Ah, you are surprised! We are all because we serve a mighty God who loves to surprise us in ways only He knows. He does it so beautifully! Poetry – it will come, naturally! With no fuss! With no fanfare!

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