A new creation

A friend asked Why

And I replied Why not?

My  friend wondered

While I mused on the happenings

What are we talking about?

Nothing more than what the good Lord  allowed

Bringing back  lately into my life

So many old friends from the past

Numerous neighbours

Childhood friends

School mates and classmates

Those I used to spend time with

And there were also the many

Colleagues I used to have

Way back then, a long time ago

So we have time for memories to surface

Simple  stories to share

Tales to giggle over

Letters were then the in thing

No social media like now

Love songs on radios long forgotten

Came flooding our minds

The many exchanges of  news now stale

To fill up the missing gaps

To make things more understandable

To see that puzzles do find their rightful places

And what do I think of it all?

Nothing happens by chance

Nothing happens without our Lord knowing

So may I just say

He wanted to be glorified and rightly so

To be exalted

His Name lifted up high

Those  folks knew me back then

When I was entirely different

A child, an adolescent, a young adult

When my concerns were restricted

To  just I, me, my, mine and myself

When I cared more about my looks than my heart

When I could be cruel to one and never wince

When I was simply materialistic and proud to the core

So what about now?

Ah, a new creation am I, a new creation am I

And herein lies the reason for such meetings of minds and hearts

So thankful for them, really.






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