The Holy Cross


The cross the cross a powerful sign indeed

it causes the unbeliever to tremble

to be really ill at ease

so the cross can no longer be

on display

on show

shown in public

in class rooms

even in places of worship

how powerful

how immensely important

paramount in virtue

even though it remains silent

saying nothing yet speaking out loud

yes the cross remains for all time

a sign of the Love that knows no bounds

Love unfailing

Love encompassing one and all

saints and sinners alike

I love the cross

A constant reminder of the love of God

poured out for all mankind

poured out for all humanity

I love the cross

round my neck I wear the cross

and daily over and over again

I make the sign

proclaiming clearly my belief

in the Holy Trinity

Lord God

Father, Son and Spirit

Mighty is your love

Glorious your Holy Name

Oh mighty cross

Oh magnificent cross

How I love you


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