Nox Gaudii V: Coming Home to Jesus

Tonight’s Nox Gaudii had a larger than usual turn-out because there was no Nox last month and singer-song writer Corrine May was the special guest for the night. This drew in a larger crowd of Catholic youths and even some  non-Catholics made the choice to attend the event even though it was on a Friday. Praise God for the young people who may bring Jesus to all areas of their lives!

In lieu of the SG 50 Mass, the Office for Young People (OYP) had invited both Corrine May and Fr Derrick to be speakers for the night in telling the people of the challenges and efforts being put in to make the SG 50 mass and celebrations a reality in a short span of a year. It was a challenge to put together the SG 50 mass at the Indoor Stadium but by surrendering over to Jesus at a 100%, things went according to plan. I myself sometimes dare not surrender a 100% to Jesus because of the struggles that I face with, such as unworthiness and fear that I am not good enough to come home to Jesus.

However, the sharings reassured me that Jesus loves and treasures each one of us and even though we are sinners, his mercy and grace will save us. One of the sharings was about the gospel of today that ties in with the theme of the night which is “You shall be my people and I will be your God” (Jeremiah 30:22). It is an invitation by Jesus to always remember our Catholic identity and to nurture our spirituality in keeping Jesus close to our hearts throughout the day. The gospel of today tells us about a Pharisee scholar who tested Jesus by saying,“Teacher, which commandment of the law is the greatest?” Jesus replied,”You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind” (Matthew 22:34-40).

No doubt it is difficult to love Jesus when he does not answer our prayers and may seem distant but he always listens and the silence might be a time for us to find ourselves. By finding ourselves,we are slowly able to find Jesus. As we look back on the SG 50 celebrations, it is important to note that we have a house over our heads, but many of us do not have a home. The two are different as a house is physical in nature and a home is an aspect that is a feeling. It is inspiring to see the thought process that Corrine May took in writing the song “Bless our Singapore” in discerning about the lyrics that is a reflection of both our Catholic and Singaporean identity. It shows that by surrendering 100% to Jesus because we alone are not enough, a beautiful outcome from the uncertainties and anxieties that we might face is created.

The story of Elisha was also mentioned and it speaks about his unwavering trust in the Lord despite all the trials and tribulations which are the battlefields in our own lives. Everyday I feel that I encounter some form of spiritual warfare which means the evil one is also exerting its influence over me to stray from the path. It is through prayers and the Holy Spirit that I am able to fight off this influence and good will always triumph over evil.

Through our battles with our own sins that we carry, be it new or old ones, Jesus provides the Sacrament of Reconciliation to restore our souls and cleanse our bodies of sin. This is the best way to come home to Jesus which is to tell him,”Yes Lord, I have made the choice to come home to you, and I am worthy of your love.” We do not struggle alone in sin for Jesus struggles and walks with us in faithfulness and compassion and in prompting us to be renewed and restored.

I would like to end this post with a praise and worship song that resonated with me through this night of joy which is “Alive Again” by Matt Maher. This song has meaningful lyrics of redemption and the transition of darkness to light, sin to hope, death to life in Jesus.

“I woke up in darkness surrounded by silence
Oh where, where have I gone?
I woke to reality losing its grip on me
Oh where, where have I gone?

‘Cause I can see the light before I see the sunrise

You called and You shouted
Broke through my deafness
Now I’m breathing in and breathing out
I’m alive again

You shattered my darkness
Washed away my blindness
Now I’m breathing in and breathing out
I’m alive again

Late have I loved You
You waited for me
I searched for You
What took me so long?

I was looking outside
As if love would ever want to hide
I’m finding I was wrong”

Praise Jesus for ending this week on a high note and may we empower others in experiencing this joy that Jesus can give us! (#proud2bcatholic, #proud2bsingaporean)God Bless!

Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong









2 thoughts on “Nox Gaudii V: Coming Home to Jesus

  1. Praise the Lord! Thank God for wonderful servants of the Lord, like Fr. Derrick with his many gifts of friendliness, and his ability to sing and dance, and for Corrine May whom I heard in person at SG 50 Mass; and I thank God for you too for being so faithful in your contributions.

  2. Thank you Josephine for your words of affirmation and encouragement. I also thank the writers of this blog in motivating me to carry on in this journey of self-discovery and faith with Jesus (: God Bless! and keep up the great writings!

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