Finding God in all things


Delightful – yes, it is

To be able to read and to write

To be able to sing and to dance

Call it what you will

A child of God can only smile

Smile for the world is so beautiful

Dance for all things are so exciting

Touch for the love of healing another

And of course, we know it all

We do know it all

The grace of being able to make a connection

The best part of being part of a family

A family of brothers and sisters

A family that is spiritual and not of this world

A family that binds hearts and fills the mind

With wisdom in the Lord

Yes, how blessed are we

How blessed are we

To have come thus far

To have been able to make that connection

The connection that binds and that heals

The one that leaves one so contented

All is well

All is well

All is well indeed.



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