What next?

Indeed, what comes after this?
I don’t know.
Do I care?
Not really.
You lead us, Lord
You guide us along
We surrender
Not in control surely
Not in control at all
All can go in a moment
All can disappear like haze
Will it matter?
Not really,Lord
I place my trust in you
I continue to trust and to hope
I continue to look to you
For direction
Fot strategies
For plans and goals
Lead us, Lord
Lead me to where you want me to be
To be your child
Content at your feet
My heart cannot be too proud
My eyes cannot be too haughty
A child
A child cannot take control
And so it is back to square one
What is it?
What is next?
I don’t know and it is fine
Perhaps this sounds like I don’t care
Does it mean this?
Not really
I have come to understand
I have come to the final part of my journey with you
You are the one leading me
You are the one who walks ahead of me
I don’t need all the answers now
They will unfold as the days go by
Plans to be done along
Or concrete plans to be taken up seriously or otherwise
All is in your hands
I am content
I am quite satisfied
I am happy
You will take care
And you will lead
I have surrendered
I have no agenda
You lead
You guide
You direct
And I should be happy
I should not fret ever
No,I don’t
Because you say

Child, trust in me
My ways are not your ways
My thoughts are not your thoughts
Never be disappointed
Even if you never achieve anything
But of course it will not be so
To trust me to lead is itself
It is to grow in maturity
It is to grow spiritually
I am God
I am no other
Before me everyone must know
I am God almighty
In total control
In total control
Trust me, my little one
Trust me that I give you the best

Praise God
Thank God
Praise God
You are great!
You are awesome
I trust in you, Lord!
(15 minutes)

This was one of two responses in the recent meeting 29 August 2015



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