My Reflection – 3rd Sep 2015


Everything happens for a reason

So why is it that it bothers me?

Life is so unpredictable

There is so much uncertainty

In God, we are to trust

There is a time and place

But I can’t help it since

We live in a hectic pace

People in a hurry all day long

No one ever stops to see

Those in need or in distress

Because of all the frenzy

How many of us pause

To look up at the sky

God’s creation all around

Including every tree we pass by

I am most guilty of this

As I am asked to write

My innermost reflection

I then try to make things right

Mother Mary, you have been

A silent companion all my life

Yet I fail to acknowledge you

Your heart, I’d cut-like-a-knife

Hold me close, hold me dear

Continue to guide my decisions

As I go through life’s ups and downs

In all my thoughts and actions