Think of the Saint

The one whom we know gave up all

Even what he had on his back

And today he teaches us to love all creation

Yes, we think of St Francis of Assisi

The rich son turned poor man of Christ

The one who now inspires so many of us

Next, think of our Holy Father Francis

Inspired undoubtedly by this poor man of Christ

Our Holy Father has written two prayers

Both of which are beautiful and really tug

One’s heart strings

I have been praying  for some days now

And I am trying to see things with new eyes

So I look again at this photo above

With different eyes and a softer heart

It is the baby elephant

So wonderfully loved and cared for

And my heart goes out to the

one man lying near  the baby elephant

I see the looks on each

What are they trying to say?

Each one trying to connect

Each one moved to want communication

And I wish to be there

To link their hearts

To let them know I too care

For I see the baby elephant

So vulnerable, so weak

I fear it will not make it through the night

And so I shall pray for the baby elephant

I shall also pray for the baby elephant’s friend

This is one friendship true

One communication straight from the heart

And what about me, the bystander?

I  pray that parting will not be

So painful

So hard to  bear

For now, let it be as they continue

To connect and to be both loving and loved

They still do and they still will

For this photo has captured a special moment

One that will remain and linger long after

Indeed, the language of Love knows no bounds

Praise the Lord!







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