Frustration – 8 Sep 2015


How to let go of my frustration

Without hurting the feelings of anyone?

How to express my exasperation

Without ever hurting someone?

I crawl into my hole again

Where no one else can see

Give a huge sigh of relief

Once again, hiding the real me

I close my eyes, and calm myself

And pray for consolation

While silent tears flow, I can’t control

From all the built-up tension

As St Francis of Assisi taught

Seek not to be understood but to understand

There’s so much confusion in this world

I simply cannot comprehend

The pain in my heart, no one will see

Continues to hurt, it doesn’t cease

I pray to God for humility

And ask of Him to help me find peace

Today is your birthday, dear Mother Mary

You have always showered me your love

You’ve watched over me faithfully

Smiling at me from Heaven above

And so, I offer up all my sorrows,

My loneliness and insecurities

For all those who are suffering

From sickness, war and injustice



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