The Sacrament of Reconciliation

With a heavy heart I enter

Looking for an answer

Into the confessional

Anticipating counsel

Down on my knees I go

The priest, he welcomes me

Perceiving my anxiety

He asks me: What shall it be?

I begin: Father, please bless me

For all the sins I have committed

But not forgetting the things

I should not have omitted

He assures me, gives advice

The power of God I realise

After thoughtful reflection

I say my act of contrition

He then gives me absolution

And I feel a sense of liberation

I leave to do my penance

With a much renewed conscience

Back on my knees I pray

For strength and perseverance

Asking Him to guide my way

My God of Omnipotence

So rid yourself of apprehension

Experience His supreme compassion

Be confident of His endless mercy

Which He pours out so generously

Empty yourself of sin

Open your heart, and let God in

Look forward to that special reunion

In the Sacrament of Reconciliation