The Inner Lives of Men


I write this post with a heavy heart as personal issues have put stress and sadness on me as it can be so hard to comprehend when your loved one suddenly passes on or is stricken by sickness. I do not blame God but I am at a loss in trying to do something but I can only pray. Prayer is the source of comfort for me as I know God has a plan for everyone of us and I trust in him!

In this week’s gospel, a question that was posed by Jesus to his disciples was,“Who do people say I am?” They said in reply,”John the Baptist, others Elijah,still others one of the prophets”(Mark 8:27-35). This is a phrase that has been on my mind this past week. Who is Jesus really in my life? I feel that Jesus to me is the Good Shepherd who sees me for who I really am and who does not judge me for my past. We are called to in the gospel to think like Jesus in looking at the greater picture in life and not to be too caught up in the details which may prove unimportant.

Continuing on,Jesus said to the crowd,“Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself,take up the cross and follow me.For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and that of the gospel will save it”(Mark 8:27-35). This is advice from Jesus that we must first be reconciled with ourselves,before we are ready to follow Jesus. For I know that I will find a far more greater life which is eternal life with Jesus and that is the life that I would like to save for the end.

Jesus has taught us that our inner lives matter and that it is the heart that needs to be reconciled with him which gives us the clarity and grace necessary for us to fully extend this peace to others. It is the inner self that we hide and run away from which Jesus wants to heal and restore. Finding peace with our inner lives also means our conscience is at peace, and I am still trying to find that peace by holding on to God’s hand and clinging on to his word.

I would like to share these words of God that I feel is something for us to internalize and ponder on.



“My CHILD, REFUSE to do wrong for anything in the world. It is better to have the whole world AGAINST YOU than have Me against you. Whoever loses Me, is losing more than the entire world. Whatever you love on earth is but a REFLECTION of my goodness. If you fix your attention and interest only on worldly things or people, you will soon SHUT Me out and lose My grace.

As soon as you become TOO INTERESTED on worldly pleasure and ease, your CONSCIENCE OBJECTS. You are your own WORST ENEMY when you act AGAINST your CONSCIENCE. The wrong which you do becomes WORSE when you try to EXCUSE YOURSELF or justify your actions.

No man can safely enjoy life except the man whose conscience is CLEAR. The WICKED NEVER have true joy nor real interior peace. They may say they have peace and that they neither expect nor fear any harm from above. Either they are lying or they are fools. My JUSTICE will SUDDENLY STRIKE them and put an END to their deeds. They will think differently then.

A BAD CONSCIENCE is AFRAID and DISTURBED. A GOOD CONSCIENCE has PEACE even in time of hardship. The good man’s glory lies in the testimony of a GOOD CONSCIENCE.

There is NO TRUE FREEDOM nor profitable JOY WITHOUT a clear conscience and a holy fear of ALL SIN. Blessed is the man whose eyes are on Me and who keeps his earthly desires WITHIN MY LAW. A GOOD LIFE follows My WISDOM and brings a deeper appreciation of this earthly existence.”

Even though I know that I cannot fix every problem that comes my way, Jesus the Good Shepherd will guide me wherever I am headed next and by sorting out my inner struggles, I will grow closer to God and away from sin and the evil one. Through prayer and support from the people around me, I will find peace both in self and conscience.

I would like to end this post with a hymn of encouragement “Make Me a Servant” that being a servant of Christ will help me in following the right path.

“Make me a servant
Humble and meek
Lord let me lift up those who are weak
And may the prayers of my heart always be
Make me a servant
Make me a servant
Make me a servant today”

Thank you Lord for your reassuring presence in my life and please continue to pray with me for those who are sick and suffering to find you in their pain and never give up hope in their fight. God Bless!

Written By: Darren Chan Keng Leong









2 thoughts on “The Inner Lives of Men

  1. Will unite my prayers with yours for the sick. Today is the Exaltation of the Cross. Let us embrace our crosses and trust in the mercy of God! Our Lord demands that we renounce ourselves, take up our crosses, and then follow Him! There is no other way as the servant is not greater than the Master!

  2. Dear Josephine, Thank you for your prayers for the sick, it saddens me to see them suffer. Yes we are all servants of Christ as he is our master! God Bless! Let us keep each other in prayer too

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