The Holy Mass


We stand to welcome Jesus

And the community

In one voice we sing

Together as a family

The priest begins

He welcomes everybody

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

The Blessed Trinity

We ask for the Lord’s mercy

In the Penitential Act, together

For pardon of our sins

Against God and one another

As we sit and listen to God’s Word

And the priest’s homily

We open our minds and hearts

Allowing God to speak to us personally

Then comes the highest point

Of the entire celebration

The Liturgy of the Eucharist

The Divine Consecration

“Holy holy holy

Is our Lord, God Almighty

Heaven and earth

Are full of your glory”

In the form of bread and wine

God comes to us most humbly

So that He can touch our hearts

And make our lives holy

His words at the last supper

Jesus said tenderly

Take this all of you…

Do this in remembrance of me

We proclaim His death

And profess His resurrection

The Mystery of our Faith

We acclaim as a congregation

“Through Him, with Him, and in Him”

The priest lifts the chalice and the paten

Together in one voice

“Amen!” we reply in unison

In the Communion rite

“Our Father…”, we pray

We ask that His will be done

And not ours, come what may

We exchange the sign of peace

Proclaim the “Lamb of God”

We process to receive Holy Communion

Our one true risen Lord

We return to our pews

Give praise and thanksgiving

For His boundless love

Which we have been receiving

“Go in peace, to love and serve”

His final blessing, the priest will give

We respond: Thanks be to God

With Christ in us, we must live