Jesus’ Invitation to Stop, Reflect and Pray


I was tired and bracing myself for the commitments that I had to attend to, and so I quickly jumped out of bed to prepare to leave home for church. I am glad to see many people both young and old who had signed up for the writing workshop in expressing their interest to find God through their writing. Also a big thank you for the facilitators of the workshop in guiding the writing session and sharings by the participants. Here are 3 writings that I would like to share:

Jesus sees me as someone… who is hardworking and caring. Being socially responsible and aware of helping and thinking about the less fortunate, the spiritually needy and God’s creation through my daily conversations with people. For the longest time, I was without passion or interest and only thought about academics and myself. Deep down, I knew that God had a plan for me. Till today, I am amazed by his calling in focusing on caring for his creation which are animals, and I could connect specially with them. He has asked me to care for those that are rejected and cast aside by society. Perhaps all my efforts will eventually lead to change, and it will be one small effort in a day at one time.

What can an Onion teach me? 

Peeling an Onion, I can feel the hands of Jesus guiding me through my every action. First he cuts off the roots of the onion that symbolizes repentance from sin. Peeling away the first layer, and this is the layer that we present to people. The core of the onion is where we hide our true selves which we do not want anyone to find out about, but Jesus knows all of them (our past,hurts and secrets). Jesus just wants to comfort us that we are his children and we are not to hide from his grace.

An onion is like the many layers of life, surprising yet beautiful. The dark color at the outer layer till the core which is white in color shows a certain aspect of purity that can be found through reconciliation and forgiveness. The lines of the onion represent the many roads in life and, though uncertain, they will lead us back to Jesus.

The core of the onion is a bulb which is shaped like a tongue of fire which rested on the heads of the disciples. It seems to me that Jesus is trying to tell me that the Holy Spirit is present and that we are never forgotten.

Lord you invite me to…

Be amazed in everyday situations

To love others irregardless of their background

To continue praying at many points throughout the day

In using my gifts for good and not for selfish motivations

To sincerely seek you in happy and sad moments for you are in control

In building a better community so that more hearts will be open to your word and to experience the Holy Spirit

For a more compassionate society to humans and animals alike in searching for peace, love and acceptance

Keep families close together and maintain friendly relationships with people

For I am thankful for you Jesus in making the impossible possible

In instilling a sense of active discipleship in me. Amen!

Thank you Jesus for allowing me to use the charism of writing and to share it with others. I am looking forward to see where this community will take me. I felt happy after the session that perhaps a writing community can be formed in journeying with each other.

Lead me Lord and I will follow you!



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