A raw and pure creation of God. Looks rough and blemished on the outside; smells and tells a story always. Of utter beauty covered by layers and layers of external clothing

Am I an onion?  Trapped within these layers? God is peeling me, pruning me, pushing me, pulling me, probing me and prodding me so that I can break free

Am I an onion? Tried in a stew of soup? Exuding my fragrance , exchanging my essence so that I can be an offering and service to others?

Am I an onion? Teemed with goodness?  Onions are supposed to be nature’s miracle food. A cure all for illnesses and diseases. Does it cure and eradicate my sins? Or is it just a faint reflection of the sins manifested externally for all to see?

Am I an onion?  Tempted to be something else? May be a garlic? May be a shallot? May be a potato? Or am I truly who I am supposed to be ?

God is indeed a God of wonders and surprises.  Even a small object as compact as an onion could provide a storehouse of gifts, goods and glory.

So what did I learn today at the workshop? I will use the acronym  O.N.I.O.N to summarise

O– Only one in the world. I am the only one in the world

N– Nice package covered by layers. I am a nice package like the white centre core of the onion

I– Inside is what is important

O– Offering to serve others like the onion is what we have been created for

N– Need someone else to help me to peel off my external layers in order to discover my true self. so it is with Life that we need mentors, guides, directors and companions and friends and spouses to help us to find our true self, as sometimes we might be lost and covered by the external layers like the onion

God let me continue to be a useful vegetable in your garden so that I can be useful to you and to others. Amen !